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Unblocked Games Premium websites. They’re a solution to a problem that we never thought we’d have as kids, playing games in class or at work. And they do it by using a collection of browser-based games that can be played even if the website is blocked. That’s what makes these websites premium.

The games themselves range from action to sports and everything in between. If you have a game that you like to play at home, chances are Unblocked Games will let you play that game at school or work.

Now, what are the benefits of these websites? Besides the fact that they let you play games when they shouldn’t be allowed. They also come with their own security measure, for example, users don’t have to worry about getting viruses on their devices. The only thing that should be worried about here is getting caught.

Using these websites is as simple as it gets, all someone has to do is go through a list of games and pick one to play. No account creation required, maybe an optional one though.

And finally, Unblocked Games Premium websites aren't only for students slacking off in class or employees not doing their job. It’s for everyone who wants to distract themselves from the world for just a bit.