Unblocked games are an enigma. There are games that you can play on almost any platform, including mobile phones and computers, without being blocked or restricted. Schools, workplaces, organizations; all of them unable to stop you from playing these games. Typically these games are accessible through websites that aren’t blocked by content filters or firewalls. But why did unblocked games become so popular? Well here’s a few reasons:

  • Accessibility: It was easy to get into these games and play them because they weren’t being blocked by anybody. Colleges, schools, companies — none of them had any kind of restriction on gaming websites.
  • Variety: Like with most things in life it’s fun when there’s variety and unblocked games has that. You can find action, strategy, puzzle, adventure and sports games in this category.
  • Quick and Casual Gameplay: Unblocked games typically were made for quick sessions during breaks or when you just got some time to kill while waiting for something
  • Social Aspect: Some of the more popular unblocked games have multiplayer features or online leaderboards. These essentially turned into a competition with your friends where you would try to get better stats than them.
  • Game Development and Updates: Developers who made unblocked games knew their popularity which is why they kept updating the game constantly with new content. This way players always got something new